Book Review: ‘Lou Reed: A Life’ Is A Great Look At His Life

Lou Reed is a legendary musician, song writer and singer. He was also a private man who lead a life of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. And now one of the few people in the media that Lou was friendly with and would talk to has written the definitive story of his life.

In Lou Reed: A Life by Andrew DeCurtis (Little Brown; in stores Tuesday, October 10) we learn all there is to know about Lou. From his early life in Brooklyn and Long Island and his family. Thru his high school life when he first we would show up with trashy girls and frequent gay bars. His first band and his college years at Syracuse (and what slob he was).

Andrew takes us thru The Velvet Underground forming and all the issues there were with the band and working with Andy Warhol. All the songs are broken down and we live get the details on all the touring. Andrew looks at all the music that Lou ever did from leaving the band and going solo. Working with David Bowie his music up through his death.

There was more to Lou than just music. There was the man that was confused about his sexuality. By all accounts he was bi-sexual but tried to keep that quit. He has girlfriends and wives but it never worked out. Between his drinking and the drugs it’s a wonder Lou made it as long as he did.

Andrew has the story straight from the people that lived it with Lou. He was also one of the few people in the media that Lou would talk to. Having gained his trust, Lou would feel comfortable with Andrew.

I’ve read a lot of biographies on celebrities and this is up there with one of the best. Not an authorized bio by Lou or his people, it’s the closest we will ever get.

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