Book Review: ‘The Lost Order’ Is The Next Exciting Cotton Malone Novel

Cotton Malone is on the characters I love reading every year when the next story comes out. In Steve Barry’s next novel with the character he doesn’t disappoint. The Lost Order (Minotaur Books; in stores Tuesday, April 4), starts off fast and is a thrill ride with every chapter.

The story centers around a secret society from the Civil War, The Knights Of The Golden Circle, who are still secret and active today with a plan to change the US government. They have a secret stash of gold hidden in a vault that no one is sure where it is. There are clues hidden on stones that are scattered around the country. Now two different factions of the organization are at war over the gold and changing the government.

Cotton Malone is put on the case and along with his new love Cassiopeia travel to the south in search of the stones and discover that a lot more is going on. Back in Washington former President Danny Daniels is grieving the loss of his friend Senator Alex Sherwood. He soon comes across a plan that will give the Speaker Of The House ultimate power in Washington, a little know rule that could change things in Washington. It also involves a Justice from the Supreme Court and members of Congress. It also brings Stephanie Nell into the case.

The more Cotton and Danny search, the more the discover that their on the same path. If finally comes to ahead in New Mexico where lives are at stake in a deadly showdown.

If you’ve never read a Cotton Malone story before don’t worry. Even though it’s a series of books, each one is a stand alone story, with enough back story given that you understand what’s going on. And be sure to read the author’s notes. Steve Barry details facts from fiction and it’s fascinating to read the back story of the novel.

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