Book Review: ‘Long Shot: A Sniper Novel’ Is Next Great Kyle Swanson Novel

Okay I admit it I have never read a Kyle Swanson novel before. I will from now it. It’s FREAKING GREAT. Kyle (a special contractor with the CIA) is a cross between Jason Bourne and James Bond. There’s nothing this talented sniper can’t do.

When a top Russian agent wants to defect he insists on talking to Kyle. He had trained with him for a very short time and liked him. He’s the only one he will talk to. Kyle who’s a trained, super sniper who can seem to take out anyone under any situation, has no idea why. After his last mission he wants to return to his real daytime job.

He doesn’t really learn much from him other than Russia is on the move, looking to invade and conquer more land. It leads to Kyle having to go on more missions to figure out what’s going on and to save lives. With danger all around him, he is a one man wrecking crew. Will he be able to help avert World War 3?

My kind of novel. It’s kick-ass, take no prisoners, balls to the wall action with never a dull moment at all. I am looking forward to reading more novels with Kyle Swanson.

You can pick up Long Shot (St. Martin’s Press; in stores on Tuesday, August 16).

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