Book Review: ‘The Locals’ By Jonathan Dee

Jonathan Dee has written seven novels and is back with his next one The Locals (Random House Hardcover; in stores August 8). It’s not a thriller, police story, mystery or horror story. To be honest not really sure what it is. It follows a small town in the Berkshires of Massachusetts right after 9/11 has happened.

The story follows the towns people and their daily lives over a few years. There’s the typical stuff with marriages, jobs, affairs, jobs and hardships. When a rich man named Philip Hadi moves back to town full time (he has a summer house and usually stays in New York). After 9/11 and hearing rumors that another attack might be imminent, they come back.

He soon insulates himself in town. He hires local a local construction company headed by Mark and he makes a lot of money getting himself out of debt. Philip soon decides to run for city counsel and comes up with a plan to help the town. He is going to use his own money to pay for a lot of the stuff in town and in the process it lowers people’s property taxes. Soon people are becoming disillusioned with Philip and he decides to leave town and takes all his money with him. This throws everything into chaos and town and it’s people have to figure out what to do next.

The story follows different characters and shifts focus on each of them throughout the story. If you want a look at small town America after the tragedy of 9/11 this is the story for you.

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