Book Review: ‘Local Girl Missing’ Is A Good Thriller With A Twist Ending

Twenty years after the mysterious disappearance/death of her best friend Sophie Collier, Frankie Howe gets a call out of the blue from Sophie’s brother Daniel saying remains of a body have shown up and believed to be that of Sophie. It forces Frankie to have to confront her past in the second novel from author Claire Douglas.

Frankie has been living in London all these years and when she gets the call she’s shocked. She has put that part of her live behind her. Daniel asks her to come back to her home town and help him try to figure out what happened all those years ago while they wait for the autopsy results. Daniel (who at one point when they were all growing up was in love with Frankie) has arraigned for her to say at the flat of a friend of hers. She reluctantly agrees to go.

Back in town Daniel and Frankie start talking to people from the past including Leon (Sophie’s ex and someone that Frankie has a history with). He is of no help. Soon weird things start to happen to Frankie and she thinks she’s losing her mind and is ready to return to London. Each time Daniel talks her out of it.

The story alternates between today with Frankie and the past with Sophie from a journal she kept. It includes lots of secrets that have not come out including the death of a friend and something involving a family member. The more Sophie’s story is revealed it seems obvious who may have killer Frankie.

The more Frankie is digging, the more paranoid she’s getting. She claims she is seeing things and hearing things that don’t seem to be there. As she digs she realizes that the people she thinks she can trust may not be trustworthy at all. It all leads to some shocking revelations and a twist ending as to who did what and why all those years ago.

A thrilling story right up to the last page with interesting characters and twists and turns that will have you guessing. Local Girl Missing is available in stores now from Harper Paperback.

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