Book Review: ‘Living Like A Runaway’ Is A Brutally Honest And Incredible Read By Lita Ford

There is no doubt that Lita Ford is one of the best guitarist ever. The fact that she is a female is just icing on the cake. She paved the way for a lot of today’s artists (male and female). It wasn’t always easy as she writes about her life in such vivid and candid detail. Living Like A Runaway (Dey Street Books; Hardcover on-sale Tuesday, February 23).

The only child of immigrant parents (she had a brother who died very young), she was very close to her parents. At a very young age she had an interest in the guitar and her parents got her one. She learned how to play it and at the age of sixteen was recruited to be in The Runaways, an all girl group (who were very young and also included Joan Jett). They had immediate success and hit the road with non stop touring. It took them around the world. It also include the standard sex, drugs and rock n roll mentality (all of it was available). Although there was success, the band didn’t always get along. Lita goes into great detail about her years in the band.

When it ended she decided to go solo and had to learn to sing, as up to this point she just played the guitar. Putting together a band and making album after album and touring she racked up success with the hits Kiss Me Deadly and If I Close My Eyes Forever (with Ozzy). Again she goes into full detail about being a woman in the male rock scene, how she had doors to break down and her time with Sharon Osbourne as her manager (and how tough she could be). She even thought Lita and Ozzy were having an affair and tried to stop the duet from being released. She talks about the highs and lows of being in the music business (and there are a lot of them). It also chronicles a proposed Runaways reunion which never happened.

Lita also tells great stories about the people in the business and her relationships with Nikki Sixx, Jon Bon Jovi, Edward Van Halen (as she called him), Lemmy, Tony Iommi (very interesting stuff) and more.

It’s not just about the music business. Lita was very close to her family and they were there for her every step of the way. Also great insight into her personal live with her ex-husband and her children (and this part is heartbreaking for her).

I love reading celebrity biographies, especially from rock stars, as they are brutally honest. Lita holds nothing back and I was surprised by a lot of the stuff I read. For a look behind the scenes from ‘The Queen Of Heavy Metal’ pick up her book. You won’t be sorry!

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