Book Review: ‘Live To See Tomorrow’ By Iris Johansen

Iris Johansen is a New York Times #1 best selling author and she’s back with a new thriller featuring CIA agent Catherine Ling.

Catherine Ling deserves her time off to spend with her son Luke, who she recently got back after the boy had been kidnapped for nine years. On her way to Hong Kong to reunite with him and her friend Hu Chang, Catherine knows she should not answer her phone when she sees her boss Venable calling. She does anyway and is told about kidnapped American Erin Sullivan in Tibet but a ruthless man in the mountains. Catherine wants nothing to do with the mission, but it nags at her. The more she thinks about it and learns about her, she’s drawn into saving her.

She leaves on what she hopes will be a routine, quick mission. She gets Erin out but gets caught and the ladies have to run for their lives and form a plan. What Catherine doesn’t know is that there is a mysterious man Cameron, also know as ‘The Guardian’ that is helping them out. He has mysterious powers in that he can come into your mind and talk to you. Soon they are led down the mountain and to safety back to the United States.

They are soon followed and it’s a showdown through the streets of San Francisco to save their lives. Filled with great story telling, strong sexual chemistry (and very descriptive encounters) and a heart stopping finale that will leave you wanting more.

You can pick up ‘Live To See Tomorrow’ in stores now.

Live To See Tomorrow from The Other House on Vimeo.

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