Book Review: ‘Like A House On Fire: A Novel’ By Lauren McBrayer

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

You can’t always know what the heart wants when it wants it, in this really well-written character driven debut novel. For 39 year old Merit it’s been the same old for 12 years of marriage to Cory. They now have two young sons and she’s been out of work for years now but is ready to go back. She feels bored by her life right now. Kids, a husband, a body that she feels is sagging after two kids. She returns to her career as an architect and starts work with Jane, a married woman who is a free spirit. They work closely together and become close friends. After Jane and Merit both leave the firm, their friendship gets closer and they begin an affair. Neither one of them consider themselves gay but they can’t stop what is happening between them. This causes confusion for Merit who is still married to Cory. She begins to wonder what her future will be as she’s about to turn forty and can’t seem to give up Jane. This book is something special and more books like this and author Lauren McBrayer will be someone to watch out for in the future.

You can pick up Like A House On Fire in stores on Tuesday, April 26th from Putnam.