Book Review: ‘Liar Liar’ The Next Chapter In The Helen Grace Series

Det. Insp. Helen Grace is back and on the case. An arsonist is setting fires three at a time in various places throughout Southampton. It’s up to her and the team to solve this case as soon as possible. With hardly any clues at first to go on it’s becoming tough to find the person (s) responsible.

When a possible suspect within the fire department pops up, Helen drags him in. It’s puts her at odds with that department and the press has a field day with her. When he is cleared Helen has a mess on her hands looking at new suspects. When they finally get a lead it breaks the case wide open.

Helen also is still going for her beatings having to find a new person. The guy she finds may be more that she bargained for. She also has a new boss that seems to be taking more of an interest in her, making her a bit uncomfortable. He tells her he’s happily married and only trying to get to know her (but is he?).

Back for a fourth time Helen Grace is slowing becoming one of my favorite recurring character series. The action is exciting and the books are well-written with good twists thrown in to keep us on the edge of our seats!

LIAR LIAR (NAL Trade Paperback Original; June 7 in stores).

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