Book Review: ‘I Let You Go’ Is An Intense Thriller

I Let You Go (Berkley; May 3) is an intense thriller with a twist that you may or may not see coming.

A rainy day and a mom and her son are walking home holding hands. As they get close to the house he takes off for home and in a split second a car comes speeding down the street and hits the boy killing him and takes off. The police are called to investigate the hit and run.

Jenna Gray has been reading about the story and decides to leave her life behind after the car accident, her bad relationship and loosing a baby. She ends up on a remote Welsh coast and rents a small cottage and tries to isolate her life.

The cops are trying to solve the hit and run case and a year later when the case has been shut down due to lack of any clues, the detectives are still working it on the sly. When they appeal one more time on the year anniversary someone comes forward.

On the coast Jenna has gotten work with her photography, adopted a dog and met a cute vet who she starts dating. Things are going good. Too good. Then when the police show up her past comes back to haunt her and puts her life in danger (too say anymore would include spoilers).

I Let You Go pulls you in right from the beginning until the very end. You can pick it up in stores Tuesday, May 3.

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