Book Review: ‘Leonard’ Is A Loving Tribute From William Shatner

Leonard Nimoy died way before his time. In the new book Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship With A Remarkable Man (Thomas Dunne Books, on sale now), William Shatner writes a loving tribute to his long time friend.

Part biography of their both their lives, Shatner starts from the very beginning of both of their lives and how they were on a collision course to become best friends. They had crossed paths before Star Trek but the series was the first time they really got to know each other. And they really didn’t hit it off very well until late into the first season and it started their life long friendship.

Great and often times humorous stories are told through out the book. Lots of behind the scenes on Star Trek (the series and the movies and what Nimoy really thought about Mr. Spock). A great prank that was played on Leonard involving his bike, his battles with Gene Roddenberry and how he and Shatner knew if they stuck together they could get more from the show and franchise then what was being offered.

It also has it’s serious moments. They were there for each other threw divorces, deaths and Nimoy’s alcoholism (and honestly I wasn’t even aware of that one until I read this). This is not a definitive biography (as both men have written those already). It is the best look we may ever get at their friendship and who Leonard Nimoy really was (and he was something else both off and on the screen).

If you want to get to know the men in a funny and brutally honest way pick up Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship With A Remarkable Man in stores now.

* As an aside one of the main reasons Leonard Nimoy died was because he was a heavy smoker. He even said to Shatner (who had quit smoking a long time ago when one of his kids said you smell) why didn’t you get me to quit a long time ago. If you smoke STOP now for your own health and that of everyone around you!

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