Book Review: ‘Legendary Authors And The Clothes They Wore’

Ever wonder about your favorite authors and their styles? Well wonder no more. In the new book Legendary Authors And The Clothes They Wore by Terry Newman (Harper Design; in stores now) you can find out. Terry goes behind the scenes and finds out the stories.

Looking at 50 famous authors including Toni Morrison, Joyce Carol Oates, Jacqueline Susann, Mark Twain and many more. For instance Edgar Allen Poe always wore three piece suits that were black. Mark Twain always wore white and felt the clothes made the power. Terry breaks it down by glasses, suits, hair and hats. Finding out how each author got their unique style, which helped to define their style of writings. The book has lots of great pictures and for anyone into fashion it’s a great look at the authors that have written such classic stories over the years.

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