Book Review: ‘Left To Chance’ Is A Good Story About One Woman Confronting Her Past

They say the past is never really buried and you can’t go home again. For Teddi Lerner her past is about to catch up with her when she returns home to Chance, Ohio.

Teddi hasn’t been home for six years. She left there after the death of her best friend Celia to cancer and never looked back. She just left. Never said goodbye. Left the man who loved her and ignored him for months. Left her best friends daughter Shay (she did keep in touch with her and sees her once a year). She left to become a very successful and somewhat famous wedding photographer. She travels the world and is dating the rich owner of the company she works for. She should have it all. But she doesn’t.

And now when Shay’s dad is going to re-marry, she asks Teddi to return to town and photograph the wedding. Teddi does not want to do this but agrees to for Shay. It means returning to the place she hasn’t come to terms with. She hasn’t gotten over or really grieved Celia’s death. When she returns to town things are different. The town has been built up. And Celia’s family is not really happy to see her. Her leaving the way she did has left old wounds. There’s tension and bitter words at time. There’s also something up with Shay.

As Teddi tries to work through her feelings and make amends for what she did six years ago, she discovers something about herself. She misses these people and the town. She also meets a handsome new guy who makes her laugh. And he doesn’t live far from where she does call home San Francisco.

When she finally confronts the people and her past, she’s able to move forward and be happy.

A heart-warming story of love, loss and rediscovery highlight Amy Sue Nathan’s new novel Left To Chance (St. Martin’s Griffin; in stores Tuesday, November 21st). For anyone that has suffered a tragic loss and tried to escape the pain, this story shows how you have to confront your grief, and only then can you move on with your life.

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