Book Review: ‘Lea Michele Brunette Ambition’

Lea Michele is one of the stars of ‘Glee’ as Rachel Berry, she makes albums, does commercials, movies and has had time to write a book. Her newly released ‘Brunette Ambition’ isn’t a biography, more about the way she lives her life.

There’s so much useful information in the book. She talks fashion, make-up (always take your make off before you go to sleep). Lea talks her diet and has lots of great recipes. She talks her exercise routines and has lots of pictures of what she does.

Lea also talks her career and Glee. Three pages just to Jonathan Groff and how great a friend he is. Then’s there’s Glee. She tells the story of meeting the cast for the first time, how they got the word the show was picked up for 13 episodes and how much she loves the cast. A funny story about how she slapped the casting person she was auditioning with (it was in the script) but she didn’t have to do it. And something I never knew is she was the only one that ever auditioned for Rachel.

If you’re a Lea fan, this is the ultimate book on her everyday life, nothing is left out from the time she wakes up until she goes to bed on how she lives her hectic Hollywood life. With tips on just about everything and lots of great pictures!

You can pick up ‘Lea Michele Brunette Ambition’ in stores now.

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