Book Review: ‘The Last Strange Voyage Of Donald Crowhurst’ Is A Fascinating Look At His Life

On July 10, 1969, after eight months at sea competing in a round the world sailing Golden Globe Race contest (everyone was a sole sailor). Donald’s boat Teignmouth Electron, was found empty. Nothing out of the ordinary was found on the boat. There were dirty dishes, a working radio, logs from a lot of the time he was at sea. Just no body.

Crowhurst loved sailing and he convinced people to back his idea. He felt he would win. But inside his head is a different story. His boat was rushed to be made and did not function as well as it should have. He felt inside maybe he shouldn’t have done this. He started making fake reports and saying he was places he never made it too until that day where he was just gone.

Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall have done extensive research into Donald and by reading his log books and talking to all those around him, have reconstructed the facts and also what they think was happening to him once he left for the voyage. I had no idea who Donald Crowhurst was before I got this book. He’s a fascinating man (and a fascinating read) with way too many issues in his life and the authors do a great job of pointing it out with meticulous details.

It’s been made into a movie The Mercy starring Colin Firth, Rachel Weisz and David Thewlis (no US release yet). The book is available in stores now.

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