Book Review: ‘Lady Maybe’

An accident along the road kills one woman and gives another woman a new identity.

On the way to their new home Lady Mayfield, her companion Hannah and her husband Sir John have a terrible accident during a violent storm. Lady Mayfair is swept out to sea. Hannah and Sir John survive and are taken to the new house. He’s in a bad way and not expected to survive. Hannah awakes and is presumed to be Lady Mayfield. She doesn’t correct anyone and feels guilty about it. Her only motivation is to be able to get her son Danny.

She’s able to reclaim him and plans to take off before the lie gets to big. As the days go along she’s still at the house and acting like the Lady. Sir John is getting better and he plays along with her (not exposing her). When his new solicitor James Lowden comes to see him about legal business he’s suspicious of Hannah and also attracted to her.

Hannah now in the middle of a love triangle (both Sir John and James want her) is still trying to make a run for it. Sir John wants her to stay and be his continue the act. When someone says they have spotted Lady Mayfield alive things may be taking a turn for the worse as far as Hannah goes. Is she alive and will she return to expose everything? Who will Hannah pick to be with?

Lady Maybe by Julie Klassen is available in stores on Tuesday, July 7.

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