Book Review: ‘Kingdom Of The Blind’ Is The Next Exciting Inspector Gamache Novel

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Author Louise Penny is back with her 14th novel featuring Inspector Armand Gamache. My first time reading one of them and it is a really enjoyable story with great characters especially Inspector Gamache. This time around he’s still on suspension from a previous story because of a drug deal to bust a dealer. It’s still being investigated but not looking good for Armand.

As the story begins Armand has gotten a mysterious letter to go to a house at a certain time with no other information. His curiosity peaked he arrives at the given time along with two others to a run down house (and this is during a blizzard). They find out they are made the litigators of a will for a woman they have never met. They have to oversee the will. She has left a lot of money to her kids (money she never had). This leads to them investigating her and what it’s all about. When one of the kids ends up dead, it furthers their investigation into the lives of this family.

Meanwhile the situation with the drugs about to hit the streets reaches a critical point when one of the cadets at the school is found in possession and accused of dealing. Her story is followed and we soon learn the shocking truth about her and where the drugs are.

Louise Penny is at the top of her game in this latest story of drugs, a mysterious woman and challenging weather (the story is set in Quebec and Montreal). With some twists and turns, it keeps the reader engaged right to the end.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, November 27th from Minotaur Books.