Book Review: ‘Some Kind Of Hero’ Is The Next Exciting Troubleshooters Novel

This is my first time reading one of Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters novels about Nave SEAL Team Sixteen and I found it very enjoyable. Some Kind Of Hero (Ballantine Hardcover; in stores Tuesday, July 11) is novel number twenty in the series.

Hunky Navy SEAL Peter Green (also known as Grunge) has gotten custody of his fifteen year old daughter Maddie just two months ago after her mother Lisa was killed. He’s never raised a child before and has had very little contact with her. He’s trying to do everything right but it just doesn’t seem to work. Then one day Maddie just up and leaves.

Shayla Whitman (a writer of romantic suspense and hot sex scenes) who lives across the street has noticed Peter on many occasions but has never gone over to say hi and welcome him to the neighborhood. She gets an instant introduction when she’s at the school and Peter bangs on her window asking her to follow a car he believes his daughter is in. So the chase is on and quick introductions are made. Shayla as a mother of two is well aware of what it’s like to worry about your kids. They finally catch up with the car and no sign of Maddie.

She was hiding in the trunk and we soon learn what is happening with her. She’s been set up by a so called friend Fiona with a drug dealer who says she owes him $10,000 in cash (Fiona actually has it). She goes on the run trying to find the money and prove her innocence. Shayla meanwhile teams up with Peter to help find her. They seem to always be one step behind her.

They are also finding themselves attracted to each other until they finally act on after an earthquake with mind blowing sex. Also the drug dealer has found out where they lived and are leaving messages that they want the money. Peter calls in his SEAL buddies to help protect and find Maddie and the final showdown is on to save Maddie.

A combination of family, romance and action adventure is at the heart of the story in Suzanne’s unique way of writing. In reading the press notes this is hear 25th anniversary as a romance writer. Here’s to another 25 years!

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