Book Review: ‘Killing Pace’ Asks One Question Just Who Is Lisa Green?

One woman, three names and one bad ass person. Just who is Lisa Green? In Douglas Schofield’s new book Killing Pace, in stores Tuesday, November 21st, from Minotaur Books, you will find out.

The story starts in Everglade City, Florida with Lisa Green and the man she is with. She was in a horrible accident and found by Roland and been with him ever since. Only problem is she doesn’t know who she is. She suffers from amnesia. She’s not allowed to go anywhere, see anyone or watch any media. Roland has sex with her when she wants. She’s lock in a room when Roland is gone. She’s bidding her time to make her escape. When Roland finally agrees to let her go to the store with him, she forms her plan.

At the store she starts to remember and she attacks Roland and escapes. She runs into a cop and turns herself in to him. Her memory is slowly coming back and at the station she meets Detective Jardine. He is trying to help her out. When he runs her in the system he finds her name is Sarah Lockhart (but is that really her name?) and wanted by the FBI for murder. She gets away and plans to clear her name. The feds are after her and she has to go to ground.

Her past is revealed as the story goes on and who she really is. She works for government and is in Europe on a case which turns out to be something completely different from what her assignment is. It involves baby trafficking to couples in the United States and the mafia in both Italy and the US.

What she uncovers puts her on a path that could cost her her life. They story goes from Italy to Miami and the more she digs, the more she finds she can’t trust many people. With the help of Detective Jardine and UN operatives, she tracks down the people in charge and it hits close to home for her. People she has trusted are not trustworthy at all.

Just a great thriller that has many twists and turns you don’t see coming. The character of Lisa/Sarah or whoever she may be is just a bad ass. You don’t want to piss her off. It’s what I like to call a page-turner. You want to keep reading until you’re done and then want more!

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