Book Review: ‘A Killer Harvest’ Is Thrilling Novel

Award winning author Paul Cleave (Joe Victim, Trust No One, Five Minutes Alone) is back with a thrilling novel A Killer Harvest (Atria Books; in stores Tuesday, August 1).

Set in the town of Christchurch, New Zealand it’s a story of organs being harvested and used in patients that need them. Detective Inspector Ben Kirk and Detective Inspector Mitchell Logan have their own agenda when it comes to bad guys. When they know someone is guilty they fix it so the person is killed under their watch and then get their organs harvested (they have a deal with a doctor at the hospital). The latest is killer Simon Bower who they trap and kill but not before Simon kills Mitchell who has a final request if anything happens to him. He wants his eyes given to his 16 year old son Joshua.

With no time to grieve, the surgery is done right away but with a twist. While in transit for the operation the eyes are mixed up between Mitchell and Simon. No one is aware of this at the time. After the surgery Joshua starts having dreams/visions of what happened to his dad but not from his view but that of Simon. After the bandages are taken off he even recognizes Ben (who is his uncle and he’s never seen him).

Meanwhile Simon’s best friend Vincent is outraged at his death and plans revenge against Ben and anyone close to him and Mitchell (starting with Ben’s finance). On his trail as he is after Joshua things take a different turn. Joshua is still seeing more things that didn’t involve his dad. Also other people are thrown into the plot with visions as well from their organ transplants. It all culminates in a climatic scene that involves more people than anyone would have expected.

An intriguing plot from the beginning that did get a little muddled in the middle but ended up with a great thrilling finish. They say ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ and in this case that phrase can’t be more accurate!

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