Book Review: ‘Keep You Close: A Novel’ Asks How Far Will You Go To Protect Your Son?

An FBI agent is in over her head when her son is being framed for something he didn’t do. Stephanie Maddox must now go on the offense to try and save her seventeen year old son Zachary and figure out who’s framing him before it’s too late. When she finds a gun in his bedroom closet she is freaked out. He claims to know nothing about it. Then she is told an e-mail was sent from their IP address to a terrorist organization by her ex boyfriend and FBI agent Scott. He’s in charge of investigating. She asks him to hold off while she tries to figure it out.

While all this is going on we learn her backstory, who the father of her son is (and he’s someone powerful) and her digging finds people in high places in the FBI and Government could be involved in a big-time plot with the Russians to take out people in the government. And when she gets closer to the truth her Mother is hurt and Zachary’s life is threatened. What she does with the information she has will affect the lives of many. And on top of that not only does she have secrets but she learns that Zachary does as well and it could be then end of both of them.

The story starts off strong and never lets up and I didn’t want to put it down. A real page-turner of a story. Author Karen Cleveland is an ex-CIA analyst so she knows of what she has written. Nothing is stronger than a mother’s love for her child and to protect them at all lengths. With twists and turns right up to the very final word.

You can pick up Keep You Close in stores on Tuesday, May 28th from Ballantine Books.

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