Book Review: Karen White’s ‘Flight Patterns’

The past meets the future and secrets are revealed in Karen White’s new novel Flight Pattens (NAL Hardcover; May 24).

They say the past should stay buried. That’s now always an easy thing. Usually it has a way to come back and bite you in the ass. Same with secrets, they usually come out.

Georgia Chambers is an expert at fine china. Thirteen years ago she left her family in Apalachicola, Florida and never looked back. Sure she checked in from time to time with her grandfather and aunt. But has never gone back to the family home. A shocking thing happened all those years ago.

When James shows up with a unique tea cup and asks if it’s worth anything Georgia starts her research. Thinking she has seen this before at her families home she asks that they search for it. When they find nothing, her boss insists that she go and look herself. Trying to get out of going, her boss is insistent that she go. James also wants to go as he has his own secrets that he’s running away from.

When Maisy (her sister) hears she’s coming she’s not happy. Old family tensions are brought back. Her grandfather (who has bee traps) is thrilled. Her mother Birdie (who hasn’t spoken in years) is also there as is Maisy’s daughter Becky. As they search the house and find nothing Georgia thinks it’s time to go back. When grandfather has a stroke she ends up staying to try and help with the family. James has stayed as well.

The longer they are in town, the more family secrets come out. Even James past is revealed. And these are some big time secrets. Soon all secrets come out and soon the past is tied to present day in a way they didn’t even imagine.

Each chapter is told from one of the characters point of view which is something that I like reading. As a reader it puts us inside their heads and helps us to relate to the story. With twist after twist it makes for a compelling read!

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