Book Review: ‘K Street’ Is The Next Fun Kay Hamilton Story

Having never read a Kay Hamilton novel before I was excited to start on the series. I love books that have the same characters over and over again. It feels like I am checking in on friends. Happy to say Kay is now on the list. K Street by M.A. Lawson (Blue Rider Press; in stores now) is next chapter.

It’s been a year since Kay left/was fired from the DEA. She now works for the Callahan Group, an intelligence agency, doing missions that might not be sanctioned by the government. Kay has her suspicions about the agency but does what she’s told.

Kay finally decides she can’t work there anymore and is on her way to quit. There’s an old saying being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And of course Kay is. The office is being robbed and employees being killed who were not expected to be there. Kay arrives as they are leaving and gets into a shootout with them. She manages to save Thomas Callahan who runs the company. While in the hospital he mentions the name of a woman that Kay tracks down and finds out she’s part of the covert group.

Kay is also determined to find out who shot up the group and is trying to have her killed. The more she investigates, the more dangerous it becomes for her. She has to fight against those who want her silent and stay one step ahead of them.

An exciting, gripping story that has peril and danger at almost every turn!

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