Book Review: Joan Lunden’s ‘Had I Known’ Is An Inspirational Read For Anyone Associated With Breast Cancer

Joan Lunden the former morning co-host of Good Morning America has written a new inspirational book Joan Lunden Had I Known: A Memoir Of Survival (September 22 from Harper Collins) about her battle with breast cancer. She chronicles everything from the time she first found out to all the procedures she had to go through, to telling her family and making the decision to go bald for People magazine.

She never let the cancer interfere with her life. Sure there were times when she was tired and felt she couldn’t do stuff, but kept up her summer camp, her speaking engagements and baby shower for her daughter. Joan was not going to let cancer beat her. From the day she went on GMA to tell the world to support from people everywhere, Joan chronicles it all. For anyone that is going through what she did or has a loved one that is, this book will hopefully help you to keep fighting the fight.

As I write this review the sad news about author Jackie Collins has just broken that she died of breast cancer. I was a big fan of hers as I am of Joan (and even more after reading this book). There were times when I actually shed a few tears (yes I can admit this). I’m glad she is one of the lucky ones that caught it early and survived it.

Everyone please make sure to check yourself daily if you have to and get your yearly checkups to catch anything early!

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