Book Review: ‘Jingle All Way’ Is The Next Great Debbie Macomber Christmas Novel

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Everly Lancaster owns a business with her partner Jack and it seems she does a lot more of the work then he does. The business is really successful and all it seems she does is work. And her new assistant is horrible and happens to be Jack’s niece. Everly has had it with her. Jack decides Everly is over worked and makes her take the month of December off. She has his niece book her a cruise. It turns out to be a cruise down the Amazon with not phones or internet.

Barely arriving in time to make the cruise she learns after the fact what she’s been booked on. And she gets sick right away. And it’s the resident hot guy Asher Adams, who gives talks about the Amazon and the life her, to her rescue. They soon fall for each other but Asher realizes that she has her life back in Chicago and doesn’t think it will work. His brother also lives there and she thinks it could work but he breaks it off, even after she takes stock of her life and realizes she needs to make changes.

Everly decides she will visit her family and leave things to Jack even though she can’t get Asher out of her mind and Asher can’t stopped thinking of her. When he makes a drastic decision about his life, he just hopes it’s not too late.

This book is based somewhat on events in Debbie’s real life as it seems are a lot of her Christmas novels. She writes the best holiday novels with strong characters that you always root for and by the end of the book you have a smile knowing you just read something good. You can never go wrong with a Debbie Macomber book.

You can pick up Jingle All The Way in stores on Tuesday, October 13 from Ballantine Books.