Book Review: ‘It’s You’ Is A Story Of Facing Your Grief And Starting Over

Dr. Allison McAdams is a dentist and has had a tough time as of late. Her fiancee killed himself and her mom died within six months of each other. Her dad is in a retirement home and her relationship with him has never been great. Still reeling a year later, her boss tells her to take time off and go visit her father and deal with everything.

Heading to Napa and her family home, Allison hopes to get her dad to move back with her to Scottsdale. On the plane she meets Diana, who owns a flower shop not far from her in Napa. Connecting with her dad is not as easy as she thought it would be. He seems happy at his new home and she meets all his new friends including a cranky 94 year old woman named Edie, who’s lived an interesting life during WWII in Berlin.

Allison goes to work with Diana helping her out at the flower show. She also becomes friends with the people around her dad and forms a bond with Edie, learning all about her life, which includes her grandson Craig. Allison decides to take off for Berlin to learn more about what Edie went through. She starts to rethink her life and if she can start over again in Napa to be near her father and even a new romance.

Jane Porter is the bestselling author of The Good Wife and has written a book about loss, love and starting over that almost anyone could relate to under the same circumstances.

You can pick it up in stores on June 2.

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