Book Review: ‘It Takes One To Know One: A Novel’ Asks The Question Just Who Is Pete Delaney?

by | Sep 21, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Corie Geller use to work for the FBI (she still freelances). Her life these days is in publishing where she freelances finding authors for Arabic fiction. She’s married to a handsome Federal Judge and is the mother to his 14 year old daughter. She lives a pretty boring life these days.

Every Wednesday she meets with a group of freelancers for lunch in Long Island that are also self-employed like herself. The lunches are usually boring and she doesn’t know why she goes. No one knows about her FBI past. This week is different though. One of the regulars Pete Delaney suddenly strikes her as odd. Her senses say something is off about him. He sits in the same seat every week and watches his Jeep constantly. So she starts digging into who he is, even using her FBI contacts. Everything checks out about him but she still thinks something is off. She gets her retired NYPD detective dad to help her out.

Still nothing is checking out. There are a few small, weird things like a non-existent brother and business trips that shouldn’t take as long as they do. She also notices he switches cell phones a lot, has no social media and pays in cash. All these little things add up and the digging continues. So she puts her FBI skills to use and starts to drag down more leads and clues. She is doing this without telling her husband any of this.

Soon though Corrie who has been doing the hunting finds herself the hunted and tables turned on her and it may cost be the end of her life. It leads to a climatix showdown and she gets the answers she’s been seeking but at what cost?

A slow building suspenseful story with interesting characters and a story that builds to a stunning conclusion. Not sure if Author Susan Isaccs will be writing more adventures for Corie or if this is a one and done novel. I for one would enjoy more adventures with her.

You can pick up Takes One To Know One in stores on Tuesday, October 1st from Grove.