Book Review: ‘Indecent Exposure’ Is Another Fun Stone Barrington Novel

There’s an old saying ‘Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman Scorned’ and in Stuart Wood’s new Stone Barrington novel Indecent Exposure (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores June 6) that saying is never more accurate.

Now that Holly has become Secretary of State she and Stone have gone public with their relationship. It’s all over the tabloids. Stone is getting tons of calls from the press for interview/comments and he tells his secretary Joan to decline them all. She suggests he give one interview to stop the calls. He gives an interview to Gloria Parsons who works for an entertainment magazine. He also figures why not sleep with her (Stone can just look at a woman and she’s in his bed!). They start hanging out and having great sex according to Gloria. When the article comes out it’s a decent article expect the part where she pretty says he’s great in the sack. To the normal guy this would be great but not Stone. He’s not happy about it. He immediately dumps Gloria.

She’s not happy about this and starts planning to get her revenge on him. She starts dating the governor and gets him to pardon her friend who’s in jail. Then she plans to write a scathing article about Stone’s late wife and how he could have killed her. She’s determined to get back at him and they do battle throughout the story.

Other subplots include President Lee’s son running for getting married and planning to run for state senate. A trip through the Florida Keys and a revenge shooting that goes wrong.

This is a little different Stone novel. It’s a bit more personal about his past and future. It continues the trend of good stories after a couple that to me were just average. There’s no time like now to start reading Stone Barrington. I can tell you that you’ll get hooked.

* Putnam provided me with the book for review.

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