Book Review: ‘In It To Win It: A Novel’ By Sharon C. Cooper

A delightful rom-com to lead into the end of the year holidays. Ten years ago Morgan Redford, and Drake Faulkner were in college at UCLA, and in love. Drake had everything planned out for his life, and Morgan freaked out and just left him cold. No goodbye note, nothing. Not today they both have their own successful businesses, and see each other for the first time since she left him, competing for a hot Hollywood property. Drake is cold to her, as she tries to explain what happened back then. As the thaw chills between them, they decide to take a second chance on love, even if it means going up against each other in business. Filled with hot love scenes, sharp writing, and love match you root for. Another excellent rom-com, in a year with so many.

You can pick up In It To Win In in stores on Tuesday, December 13th, from Berkley.

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