Book Review: ‘In A Dark, Dark Wood’ Will Leave You Guessing Till The Very End

What could possibly go wrong at weekend get together at a cabin in the woods?

In her debut novel ‘in a dark, dark wood‘ Ruth Ware writes a suspenseful thriller that will have you guessing right till the very end.

Leonora Shaw is a successful author living in London. One day out of the blue she gets an e-mail inviting her to a ‘hen (bachelorette party) for an old friend Clare, who she hasn’t seen or talked to in 10 years. She and her friend Nina (who was also invited) decide against their better judgement to go.

The location is a cabin in the woods (first bad sign). When they arrive they’re met by Flo (Clare’s current best friend) and notice she seems a bit off. The cabin has really bad cell service (second bad sign). As people start to arrive the party begins. When Clare arrives she tells Lee (who now goes by Nora) that she’s going to marry her ex James (who broke Nora’s heart 10 years earlier).

On the second night there a sound is heard and someone else is in the house (third bad sign). A gun that’s in the house (and suppose to have blanks) is fired and someone is shot.

Nora wakes up in the hospital not fully aware of what has happened (she has some memories) and is being interviewed by the police about a murder. The clues start to pile up against her and she has to figure out in a hurry what has happened and who’s responsible.

A mystery that will have you right up to the end (I thought it was someone else). Just don’t cheat and look before you get there! You can pick up ‘in a dark, dark wood‘ in stores now.

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