Book Review: ‘If The Shoe Fits: A Meant To Be Novel’ By Julie Murphy

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

The adult debut from author Julie Murphy is a delightful rom-com, which is based on a reality dating show and finds two people falling in love. It’s a fun story, with characters for root for and want to be together. You also get some behind the scenes on how a reality show is actually filmed (not sure how much is true but a lot of it seems like it is). A perfect August read for the pool, lake or just staying cool inside. Cindy Woods is a shoe designer looking for her first break. She’s a plus side woman and is confortable in her skin. On a trip to Los Angeles she meets a charming man she calls Prince Charming and they have a good trip together. They go their seperate ways after they land and she never knows who he is. They meet again when Cindy is put on the reality show Before Midnight, which her step-mom produces. They were short a few women and Cindy decided to do it. And is the man looking for love but Prince Charming himself Henry MacKenzie, the new head of a famous fashion empire. They’re drawn to each other again and fall in love, even as the game plays out (think the Bachelor). Beacuse of the show Cindy gets a great offer to work in fashion and a misunderstanding with Henry may derail their relationship before it gets going.

You can pick up If The Shoe Fits in stores on Tuesday, August 3rd from Hyperion Avenue.