Book Review: ‘How To Solve Your Own Murder: A Novel’ By Kristen Perrin

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

The year is 1965 and Frances is at a fair, with her two best friends, Rose and Emily, when she gets her fortune read. The fortune-teller says one day she will be murdered, and gives her clues that will lead up to it. She’s obsessed from that point forward, trying to figure out who will kill her and how. Forward almost sixty years later, and Annie Adams, is summoned by her great-aunt Frances, for a meeting about what ill happen to her vast estate once she’s gone. Well someone has finally killed her right before the meeting, and at the reading of the will, Annie and Saxon, who is a relative, are told that they have one week to find the killer, the first one to do so, gets the estate, or it will be sold off. Annie puts on her detective hat and finds lots of secrets and clues, some via a diary of what happened all those years ago, when Emily went missing. But someone doesn’t want her to win, or figure out who the murderer is, and Annie finds her life in jeopardy. This is the adult fiction debut of author Kristen Perrin, and it’s a fun, enjoyable psychological thriller. With plenty of twists, this is one you will want to keep reading.

You can pick up How To Solve Your Own Murder in stores on Tuesday, March 26th from Dutton.