Book Review: ‘How The Dead Speak’ Is The Next Thrilling Tony Hill And Carol Jordan Novel

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Author Val McDermid is back with her next exciting Tony Hill and Carol Jordan novel titled How The Dead Speak. The story picks up with Tony in jail and refusing to talk to Carol until she gets help. He feels she’s suffering from PTSD. Carol is out of the force now and is going to try and work for herself. But she needs to fix herself and starts to do that. Tony is working on a book and is getting protection for the most part in jail. Until he gets involved in a fight and is rushed to the hospital, where he sees Carol.

Meanwhile the police have been notified about a bunch of bodies that have been found buried on the site of a former orphanage run by nuns and the church. They find over 40 bodies buried there and then find another 8 bodies buried under a garden where the groundskeeper lives. The investigation begins and they have to track down the priest and former nuns who ran the place and try to figure out what happened over the years. DI Paula McIntyre is brought into the case and has to track down who is responsible and it leads to an old case that may have been a miscarriage of justice and brings in Tony and Carol back into an investigation that will uncover who is responsible for all these deaths.

I haven’t read any of these previous books but found this one exciting, well-written and I am now a fan of this series. A story that engages the reader throughout and centers on the main characters in a good way. Hopefully there will be more tales featuring Tony and Carol.

You can pick up How The Dead Speak in stores on Tuesday, December 3rd, from Atlantic Monthly Press.