Book Review: ‘How Rory Throne Destroyed the Multiverse’

Review by Lauryn Angel

How Rory Throne Destroyed the Multiverse is, to put it simply, a space opera and a fairy tale combined. Rory Thorne’s birth story and her very name evoke the story of Sleeping Beauty. At her naming ceremony, Rory received blessings from 12 fairies and a curse from one who was uninvited, who gave her the ability to see through flattery and lies.

Rory Thorne always thought she would inherit her father’s role as the head of the Throne Consortium, but an assassination plot and the birth of a younger brother put a kink in her plans. After watching her mother submit to a political marriage in order to end a costly war, Rory decides to take her fate into her own hands. Rory is betrothed to marry a prince she met once as a child – and he did not leave a favorable impression. Once she arrives at the space station, she discovers her betrothed is missing, and the Regent is her prime suspect for foul play. Naturally, she decides to rescue him.

This book is a delightful overturning of outdated fairy tale and science fiction tropes in a clever, invented way. Rory doesn’t just set out to avoid marriage; she wants to do so in a way that would reinforce the Thorne Consortium’s economy so her mother’s political marriage is unnecessary and prove that women can be capable leaders in their own right.

Rory isn’t a perfect heroine – in fact, all of K. Eason’s characters are flawed – but that’s what makes her charming. She jumps to conclusions, only to see later how her mistakes could have been avoided. Rory is accompanied by her advisors: the Vizier and Deme Grytt, whose opposing qualities render them an odd couple dragged about by Rory’s determination to achieve her ends.

The story isn’t perfect, either. There are long periods in which Rory is under house arrest and staring at a computer – not necessarily exciting reading. But there was enough forward momentum and witty commentary from the narrator to keep me turning pages.

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