Book Review: ‘A House Among The Trees’

Famous children’s author Mort Lear has died of an accident (he fell off his roof) and it turns his longtime assistant’s life Tommy (her nickname) into turmoil. He had recently changed his will and left everything to her. This is the story in Julia Glass’s new novel A House Among The Trees (Pantheon; in stores Tuesday, June 13).

When Tommy was told the contents of his will she was shocked. Mort left strict instructions as to what he wanted done. Among the things she needs to do is get back a collection he loaned to a museum (who was counting on not having to give it back), deal with an Oscar winning British actor who’s starring in a movie about his life. The movie was set in motion before Mort’s death. And also dealing with her brother, who she is estranged from.

Still grieving over his death Tommy sets to work on handling all of this. Through flashbacks we learn of Mort’s life, how he met Tommy and also her family relationship. In present day when things seem overwhelming somehow she manages to pull everything together and put Mort’s final wishes into play.

A story of love, devotion and friendship all come into play in Julia’s heartwarming story of two people that need and loved each other like family.

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