Book Review: ‘Hour Of The Assassin’ Is The Next Thrilling Matthew Quirk Novel

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Nick Averose was a Secret Service agent for a long time. Now he does private security testing the security services around highly placed US officials. He’s really good at getting into the mind of a potential assassin. His current job is to check the security around a former CIA director. He manages to slip by security and is ready to give his report until he finds the man dead and the assassins still in the house and gunning for him. All the evidence points to him doing the murder and it takes everything he has to get out of the house alive while a kill team is after him.

He manages to escape and now he’s on the run. He warns his wife that something is up and he needs to find somewhere safe to hide and figure out who is trying to frame him. His search takes him to a conspiracy that has been around a long time and now Nick isn’t sure who he can trust. More murders along the way and he has to keep running and taking out the bad guys. But they’ve messed with the wrong man and Nick will not stop until he exposes the bad guys and clears his name.

Another great thriller from author Matthew Quirk. The story starts out strong and never lets up. It’s a thrill-ride with twists and turns and a stunning finale. Matthew is as good as any of the other top thriller writers out there today.

You can pick up Hour Of The Assassin in stores on Tuesday, March 31st from Morrow.