Book Review: ‘Host’ Is Another Great Medical Thriller From Robin Cook

New York Times bestselling author Robin Cook is back with his latest medical thriller Host (G.P. Putnam’s Son; In stores in Hardcover and eBook Tuesday, October 20).

Innocence patients are coming in for very routine operations and then coming down with mysterious medical problems. They are being used as ‘hosts’ without their knowledge for medical research and financial gains for a sleazy pharmaceutical company.

Fourth year medical students Lynn and Michael discover a lot of things wrong with Mason-Dixon University where here boyfriend Carl goes in for a routine knee operation and ends up in intensive care basically brain dead. How does that happen they wonder. They soon discover more patients have ended up this way. They start investigating and finding clues and information that doesn’t add up.

Their undercover operation gets discovered and they are called to the Dean’ office and told to back off. Although the Dean is not involved in the what’s going on, higher ups at the hospital are. Lynn soon finds herself in a serious life and death situation. The more digging they do, the more trouble Lynn and Michael are getting into. Soon they discover the shocking truth and are in mortal danger to save their own lives.

If you Robin’s previous works of Cell, Coma, Death Benefit and Cure, you’ll love this one as well!

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