Book Review: ‘The Hopefuls’ Is An Interesting Look At Life In Politics

Jimmy Dillon is a charming Texan whose driven to succeed. With his southern bell wife Ashleigh and his baby daughter by his side. He has worked his way up in the Obama White House and hop nobs with the biggest names in Washington and travels on Air Force One playing cards with Obama.

New to Washington is Matt Kelly with his wife Beth (who did not want to move here). He is driven to succeed in politics and wants to one day run for office. He gets a job at the White House and soon becomes friends with Jimmy. Beth hates the whole vibe of the city. Soon she meets Ashleigh and the four of them become best friends. Even though they’re best friends, Matt does have a jealousy for Jimmy’s success. Jimmy is soon offered a chance to run for office in Texas and they move away. He calls Jimmy and asks him to be his campaign manager.

Jimmy and Beth move to Texas and live with Matt and Beth. The more they’re together the more tension there’s between everyone. Beth feels her marriage is slipping away. Matt is getting more distant everyday. The closer the election gets, the more the four will find their lives changing.

Jennifer Close has written this novel based on her own life stories of living in Washington, D.C. If you ever wondered what living in and working there is like, this novel will give you a great idea!

The Hopefuls in available now in stores from Knopf Publishing.

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