Book Review: ‘A Hiss Before Dying’ Is A Delightful Novel With Talking Animals

A Hiss Before Dying is the 26th novel from Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown (Bantam Hardcover; in stores Tuesday, May 30) featuring the adorable cat Mrs. Murphy and heroine Mary Minor ‘Harry’ Henderson. It’s my time reading one of these novels (not sure how I have missed them all these years) and found it thoroughly delightful.

The plot of the story involves two mysterious deaths in Crozet, Virginia. Soon Harry can’t help but try and investigate the causes of these deaths (even though she is told to not). Along with her trusted cats and dog, they are on the case. Soon it hits close to home when someone tries to take out Harry. It leads to a dramatic car chase and the unveiling of who’s been causing all the trouble in town.

The plot is almost secondary to the animals. They have conversations with each other and with any other animal around. They insult each other (often making me laugh out loud) and Mrs. Murphy takes no crap from the other animals. They’re Harry’t trusted family and travel just about everywhere with her. They try to help her out when they can (even though the humans and animals can’t talk to each other they finds ways to point things out).

It’s never too late to start a new book series. I only wish I had time to go back and read all the previous novels!

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