Book Review: ‘Hide And Seek’ Is The Next Exciting Helen Grave Novel

When he last left Helen Grace she had been set up and was in jail and awaiting trial for 3 murders she didn’t commit. Her personal life of S&M had been exposed. And she couldn’t get anyone to believe her except Charlie. Now she faces the fight of her life in jail.

Helen is having a tough time in prison while she waits for her trial, which is 3 months away. She has put quite a few of these women away and they want revenge. She’s made a few friends but not enough to defend her. She is beaten by one of the women and sent to the infirmary. But Helen is a fighter and won’t let these women get the best of her. When a string of brutal murders happen, the cop in Helen goes to work investigating who might be the murdered. The more she digs, the closer she gets to the truth and puts her life at risk.

Meanwhile Charlie is going against orders searching for the truth. She knows Helen is innocent and is searching for Robert (Helen’s sister’s son) who she knows has set Helen up. He’s not been as smart as he thinks he is. Using fake aliases and being seen on camera’s around the city. Instead of fleeing as he should, he’s waiting around for the trial and to see Helen go down. Charlie is determined to find him and get at the truth no matter the consequence for her.

As Charlie and Helen both get to the truths, it’s a race against the clock to save Helen before it’s too late.

Author M.J. Arlidge has a great series in Helen Grace. There well written, great characters and twists and turns that keep you glued to the series of books. This latest is a fast-paced thrill ride. The other great thing about these novels are they’re so easy to read. Short chapters and no useless filler.

You can pick up Hide And Seek in stores now from Berkley Trade Paperback.

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