Book Review: ‘Hide Away’ Is The Explosive Next Eve Duncan Thriller

Iris Johansen is back with the second book in three series Eve Duncan series of books. Hide Away (April 26 from St. Martin’s Press). Volume two continues right where Shadow Play left off.

Eve is in the hospital being checked out after a concussion. Cara, Margaret and Joe are worried about her but she seems to be fine and ready to leave. Joe had a battery of tests run and it turns out Eve is pregnant. It comes as total shock to her and Joe. Before they leave another attempt is made on Cara. Knowing that Cara is in danger still from the Mexican cartel they take her home with them. When the hitman follow them there, they make a plan to seem like Eve and Cara have been killed. Joe ships them off to Scotland to reunite with Jane and to go a trip looking for a treasure.

Joe makes plans to try and get to the cartel member Salazar, who is after Cara. When they find out Eve and Cara are still alive they track them to Scotland. The chase is on in the hills and mist of Scotland to get to Eve and Cara. Will Joe be able to get to them in time and save the day?

The story reaches to a climactic finale that will have you on the edge of your seat and also sets up the next story in the series.

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