Book Review: ‘Heather, The Totality’ From Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner Is A Good Debut Novel

It’s the story of Mark and Karen Breakstone, their daughter Heather and a man from the wrong side of the tracks Bobby.

Matthew Weiner is know for his hit series Mad Men and also for working on The Sopranos. He has released his first novel Heather, The Totality (Little, Brown and Company; in stores Tuesday, November 7th). It’s a short novel at 138 pages, that can easily be read in one sitting.

Mark and Karen are both at age 40 and have never really been in love or in a strong relationship. They meet and fall in love and get married. Mark has a good paying job and they have a nice apartment and everything they need. Then they discover they are having a baby. Life couldn’t be better when Heather is born. She’s a perfect little angel. Then things change. Karen becomes more obsessed with her daughter and Mark feels shut out. Their marriage is starting to fall apart. Heather grows up and becomes a kid and soon rebuffs her mom and her dad to a certain degree.

Bobby was a child never expected by a drug addict mom. He has no idea who his father is or could be. His life growing up wasn’t good. His mother did everything she could to keep her habit with lots of men over the years. Somehow Bobby grew up not to screwed up. He ended up in jail for assault on his neighbor. He was initiated into a gang. He got out of jail and wants to change his life.

He gets a job on a construction crew that is working on the building where Mark, Karen and Heather live. He becomes infatuated with her the trouble begins.

It has that clever, sharp story-telling that comes with being a TV writer. There’s no major twists or turns, just a straight forward, intriguing story about a father’s love fears for his daughter’s safety and what you would do to protect her.

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