Book Review: ‘Heart Of The Nile: A Barker & Llewelyn Novel’ By WIll Thomas

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

The year is 1893 in London, close to the New Year, and Cyrus Barker and his new partner Thomas Llewelyn (his former assistant) are sitting around the office with no new cases, their private enquiry agents (who help Scotland Yard and even the Palace solving cases), when Mrs. Addison arrives frantic to the office. Her husband Phillip, who volunteers at the British Museum at nights, going over the Mummy’s the museum has acquired, didn’t come home last night. It turns out he made a startling discovery, went to tell his boss, and then disappeared on the streets. The mummy he was working on might be the one and only Cleopatra, and he found a giant red ruby in her chest. Barker & Llewelyn take the case, and soon find out what happened to Phillip, and gain access to the ruby. It seems everyone wants his, and it’s been hidden away until they can solve the case. It puts their lives in danger, but nothing will stop these two until they find out the truth. This is the 14th novel in the series, and they keep getting better. The two main characters are two of the best in any series that I read. Their chemistry and wit are really well-written. One of my favorite series every year.

You can pick up Heart Of The Nile in stores on Tuesday, April 11th from Minotaur Books.