Book Review: ‘Hardcore Twenty-Four’ Is The Next Fun-Filled, LOL Stephanie Plum Novel

Ah Janet Evanovich how I love your Stephanie Plum novels. They’re fun-filled stories, with LOL moments throughout the whole novel. And maybe the best character ever in Lula, the ex-ho, turned co-worker of Stephanie Plum. The way she’s written, dresses and her love for food (especially chicken) is just priceless. The rest of the characters in these stories just rock as well. Grandma is a pistol popping woman who drives her daughter in law crazy (Stephanie’s mom). And then there’s Ranger (hey babe) who looks out for her and her main man of Morelli. Everything about the book series is just top-notch.

This story has Zombies running around Trenton and decapitating heads and eating brains. No one seems to know where they are or why they are doing this. Stephanie has had run ins with them during her work bringing in criminals that has missed their court hearings. She finds them and brings them in. In the case of the this story there are 2 main people she needs to find. If things are bad enough, she also has to watch over Ethel the boa constrictor while it’s owner Diggery deals with his latest court case.

If things aren’t bad enough with zombies, Stephanie crashing cars (thank goodness for Ranger rescuing her and his lust for her), the mysterious Diesel is back in town. He has made Stephanie’s place his and wants her bad. Now Stephanie has three hot guys lusting for her (which drives Lula crazy).

Between Stephanie, Diesel and Morelli they figure out what’s going on in town with the Zombies and race to stop it (involves a new drug) before things are too late.

Just can’t say enough about how great this series is. If you’ve never read one before jump on in. It’s not necessary to have the previous ones. Also another plus is that it’s written in an easy way to read. No useless filler, each chapter is kept short and not a lot of words on each page. This is how every book should be written!!

You can pick up Hardcore Twenty-Four in stores now from G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

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