Book Review: ‘Hard To Break: A Michael Gannon Thriller’ By Michael Ledwidge

by | Dec 20, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

You don’t mess with Michael Gannon, you just don’t, because you will live to regret it. On a trip to Alaska with his son to hunt bears, Michael is kidnapped and brought to South America, to compete in some strange cartel games. Michael uses his wits, and expertise to try and get him out of his situation. When he’s reunited with an ex-Seal member he thought dead, things only get worse for him. But this is Michael Gannon, and if you don’t do the job right away, you will live to regret it. A well-written novel, with the usual snark that Michael is filled with, and an action-packed story you will invest in. Fans of Orphan X, The Gray Man, Bourne, will eat this one up. Fans of the series will be happy.

You can pick up Hard To Break in stores on Tuesday, January 10th.