Book Review: ‘Happily This Christmas’ Is The Next Fun Happily Inc Novel By Susan Mallery

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Susan Mallery is back with book number six in her Happily Inc series. It’s a heart-warming story about new love, new beginnings and new life, in the unique way that only Susan Mallery can write. In other words it is a Great holiday read.

Wynn is a single mom with her 14 year old son Hunter, whose father died when he was just a baby. Next door to her is hunky police office Garrick, who is single as far as she knows. He’s lived there a year and they’re friendly enough. Then one day he asks her for her help in getting the house ready. His pregnant daughter Joylyn is coming to stay with him until Christmas time, when her husband returns from his stint in the marines. Joylyn hasn’t been on good terms with her dad since she was sixteen and Garrick has no idea why.

She arrives and has a chip on her shoulder and Garrick is trying to get through to her how much he loves her. He’s lucky to have Wynn and Hunter to help out with her. Soon he finds out the reason why and is floored. He is also getting close with Wynn and there may be love in his future. As Christmas gets closer everyone comes together and by the time the holiday arrives it just may be the best one for everyone involved.

You can pick up Happily This Christmas in stores now.