Book Review: ‘Hail To The Chin: Further Confessions Of A B Movie Actor’ Is Another Great Bruce Campbell Book

Bruce Campbell is back with his follow up (15 years later) to his biography If Chins Could Kill with Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B Movie Actor (Thomas Dunne Books; in stores Tuesday, August 15). It’s another great look at his life both personally and professionally. It’s not a biography per say since he already wrote one. This contains stories that he hasn’t shared before and are in no particular order or has any real structure to it (which goes perfectly with who Bruce Campbell is).

He touches on almost everything here. His work on the Spider-Man movies, behind the scenes on the Evil Dead movies and how Ash vs. Evil Dead TV show came to be, his work on Burn Notice and filming overseas in New Zealand and Bulgaria (and this was some interesting time there). He also touches on a lot of his other projects, how they came to be and the workings behind the scenes both filming and corporate wise.

Bruce also goes into detail on his personal life and his move to rural Oregon and the house he and his wife bought. It’s almost like an episode of Green Acres. The troubles they had with the house and just getting phone lines and internet set up (told in typical Bruce Campbell fashion). How his love of lavender came to be and how he wreck three cars in a year.

There’s just fun story after story told only in the way Bruce can tell them. Bruce Campbell is one of the coolest guys in Hollywood and if you want a fun, enjoyable read you can’t do any better this book!

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