Book Review: ‘Guilty Not Guilty: A Dick Francis Novel’

The next novel in the Dick Francis series written by Felix Francis takes place in England. Bill Russell is at the track to work as a stewart when he gets the bad news, his wife has been murdered. He’s asked to go with the police for questioning. He has not information about what has happened. At the station he’s questioned and it appears his wife Amelia’s brother Joe has said it was Bill that did it. Joe is the one who found the body.

Bill has told the police Joe and Amelia were estranged and he had no idea why he was even at their house. Bill is made the primary suspect in the case and has lost his job and is being shunned by people including one of his brothers. Bill is determined to clear his name and starts to look for evidence he’s innocent. He believes Joe did it for money from his mother, who is dying and is rich.

Bill finds evidence that can hopefully clear him and he learns that going on the offense isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He soon finds his life in danger and then it leads to a trial and a shocking find that can change everything in regards to his wife.

Another good Dick Francis mystery is a good story right from the start and leads up to shocking events with an ending that you won’t see coming. Not much is set at the track this time and that’s fine. The story flows and engages the reader along.

You can pick up Guilty Not Guilty in stores now from Putnam.

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