Book Review: ‘Greenlights’ Is An Awesome Book By Matthew McConaughey About His Life

Matthew McConaughey is an Oscar winning actor, writer and all around good guy. Now he can add writer to his resume and what a book he’s written. As celeb bios go this is right on the top of the list. Matthew holds nothing back about his life. His brutal honesty is refreshing for an actor. No subject is off limits and we learn a lot about him then we might even want to know. It’s all about Greenlights, keep moving forward.

Matthew kept notes of his life for a long time and he goes back and reads them and even uses some in the book. He talks about his early life growing up with a strong, sometimes forceful father, who you basically had to fight with as you got older to earn his respect. Then it was off to a year of student exchange in Australia with a horrible family and he lets us know what he liked to masturbate to. The off to college and getting into acting. His role in Dazed and Confused was not suppose to be what it was and it’s all because of him. Then his adventures in Hollywood and getting certain roles, including his early breakout role in John Grisham’s A Time To Kill.

It’s not just about acting but life. Never one to settle he talks about his road adventures with his dog and driving around the country. How his wet dreams lead him to adventures to the Amazon and Africa, live altering trips. And how he met and fell in love with his wife and their children. And of course he talks about his infamous bongos arrest while naked.

So many great stories and how he tries lives his life in positive, fun way. Even if you’re not a fan of his this book is awesome.

You can pick up Greenlights in stores on Tuesday, October 20th from Crown.

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