Book Review: ‘Good Mourning’ Is A Fun Read About Working At A Funeral Home

Ever wonder what it’s like working for a funeral home? Well now you can know!

Good Mourning (Gallery Books, August 25) is the true life story of Elizabeth Meyer. She grew up in Manhattan into a rich family. She had everything growing up. When her father took sick and died it awaken something in her. She was very close to him. When she went to the Crawford funeral home to plan the funeral, she decided she wanted to work there.

She went in and asked for a job. The only thing open was a secretary job. She took it. Her skills in planning events came in handy and she soon was moved up to help assist customers in planning their funeral/wakes. She learned the business from the ground up. She assisted on picking up dead bodies, how they were prepared for the caskets, how much it cost to plan the funerals and getting all the details correct.

Crawford is where all the rich and famous come to take care of their loved ones. Elizabeth tells lots of great stories, often changing the names to protect the famous. The stories are great and the book is a great read. I had to forget this was a real story and not a novel. For anyone wondering what it’s like to work with recently deceased and the families loved ones, this is the book for you!

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